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Who We Serve

We are a non-profit organization which seeks to serve the body of Christ. We’re committed to...

Scholarship. Only a handful of evangelical believers are certified by the government of Greece to serve as tour guides. We believe a visit to a key biblical sites should be accompanied by a Greek national who loves the Lord, understands the Bible, and can guide you through the significant artifacts of the site. 

Transformation. Knowledge of facts, dates, and data is critical to interpreting the Word correctly. However, interpretation is always intended for life change. Our tours are specifically focused on helping participants understand how their newfound knowledge of the scriptures applies to their Christian walk.

Service. Your Greek experience is more than receiving, but also an opportunity to give. Greece is the gateway to Europe for Africa and Muslim refugees. You’ll have the opportunity to help these refugees to find their footing while extending a hand of service in the name of Christ just as Paul did when he visited these cities two millennia ago.

We facilitate your time in Greece according to the needs of your organization.

Churches. Imagine the opportunity to share a visit to the land of the Bible with friends from your own congregation. We can arrange tours which include luxury accommodations and recreational opportunities alongside your visit to archaeological sites which teach you more about the scriptures. What better way to spend a vacation than growing closer to the Lord? Invite your pastor along and with a minimum of 15 participants. we can offer the land portion of the tour complimentary. 

Schools. Spring Break is an economical time for travel to Greece and many Christian high schools are sponsoring a senior trip to the land of the Bible. Allow your students and teachers to have the opportunity of a lifetime as you prepare to send them on in their path of higher education with a more grounded understanding of the Word.

Colleges. If an academic study tour is in order, we can think of no better way to do it. We have partnerships which enable us to provide room and board at reasonable student rates, and we can even connect you with other professors who have conducted academic teaching experiences in Greece. 

Seminaries. Whether you are interested in a luxury tour for couples or a budget tour for aspiring pastors, we can arrange the opportunity for you to visit and teach your students on location. Whether an Acts and Pauline Epistles course or simple The Land of the Bible, the ministry of your students will be forever impacted by their trip.  

Mission Agencies. Greece is a globally central location to gather your organization's field staff. Host your team at a relaxing Greek resort with opportunity for recreation, fellowship and training. Add some day trips to your conference to see key biblical sites. Your missionaries will have the opportunity to walk where church planting first occurred. In many cases, we can help you accomplish this more economically than bringing your staff back to the U.S.

Training Institutes. Thousands of training programs are ongoing around the globe. Bring your key leaders to study for 1-3 weeks in Greece. We'll provide you classroom space and wireless internet connection to conduct your teaching in addition to transportation and guidance at key biblical sites. 

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