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Who We Are

The Zodhiates International New Testament Study Center is a ministry of AMG International, a Christian mission agency ministering in over 30 countries. 

The study center is located in Koropi, Greece at the Cosmovision Center, a conference facility which houses AMG International offices for the European region. The Cosmovision Center also services the Greek church by providing a facility for large gatherings and recreational activities, in addition to conducting evangelistic camps and hosting short term mission teams.

The Cosmovision Center is nestled in the foothills of Athens, providing a safe place for quiet reflection away from the commotion of the city. Yet, the city centre and Athens International Airport are conveniently accessible to visitors within minutes by car or public transit. ZINTSC also employs a network of other facilities to host groups in Greece, providing accommodations for the luxury traveler as well as those on a budget.


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