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Christian High School Partnerships


We offer a unique senior trip, combining service and learning into an unforgettable experience. Students and teachers enjoy the beautiful beaches and sunshine of Greece while visiting the places learned of in Bible, history and art -  as well as serving the least of these. 

Sample Spring Break Trip



Depart from USA city, arriving in Athens on Sunday.



Fly into Athens International Airport, transfer to CosmoVision Center minutes from the airport and refresh from international flight. Begin your visit with a short drive to Suneio - one of the most picturesque sunsets in all of Greece. 



Visit the acropolis and Mars Hill in downtown Athens. Walk where Plato and Socrates spoke with their students and see one of the wonders of the ancient world. 



Travel to ancient Corinth and Berea where you can see the bema seat where Paul stood before Gallio, the market where meat was sold after being sacrificed to idols and the inscription to Erastus.



Enjoy the beautiful countryside on the way to Delphi where you can see one of the best preserved ancient athletic stadiums as well as the famed location of the oracle of Delphi. 



Take a one day cruise to the islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina. See the deep blue water of the Aegean Sea as Paul would have in his many travels. Shop and enjoy the beach.



Return to Athens to assist ministries who reach out to over 2,000 refugees and homeless who enter the EU through Greece on a weekly basis. Enojy a festive Greek dinner to celebrate your visit.



Return to the USA, full of memories.



Additional options

Thessoloniki, Philippi, Veria, Meteria, Mount Olympus

All tours are customized to meet the needs and interests of your organization. 




Read reflections from recent trip by Silverdale Christian Academy.

How does it work?


The first step is to contact our US office (423-894-6060 x 350) to discuss your interest. We will provide a customized tour option along with per person costs for your consideration. 



What is involved in planning a tour?


We will provide a guide to planning your trip with key benchmark dates clearly marked. You will need to promote the trip, determine the roster, gather the funds and vital documents. Our staff will take care of all ground arrangements and even assist with international travel planning if desired. 



How much does it cost?


We strive to provide one of the most affordable experiences available for Christian students. Prices depend on what time of year you visit and what you want to see, but most of our weeklong high school tours are under $1200 + airfare.  



Who is our tour guide?


Only a handful of Greek believers are certified with the government to offer official tours of archaeological sites. We have close contact with each of them so that your visit to Greece is informed by an Evangelical believer who can show you the biblical significance of what you see.



More info? Call (423) 894-6060 ext 350





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